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LBX Main Wire Kit

LBX Main Wire Kit

LBX Main Wire Kit
  1. 24100-YQ2A-0200 LBX Main Cable Harness/Loom (1210mm)


  3. 21250-YQ2A-0000 Tilt Switch

  4. B2-008-06-F2 Nut (M3)

  5. B4-001-04-F2 Washer(Φ4)

  6. 81153-NM1A-0000 Plastic P Clip(White)

  7. 23500-YQ2A-0000 Circuit Breaker

  8. 81125-YQ2A-0000 Nylon Washer (Φ7Φ3.25)

  9. B3-001-03-040-F0 Screw (M3*40)

  10. 24110-YQ2A-0000 Battery Power Cable

  11. 24150-YQ2B-0000 Tail Light Cable Harness

  12. 24710-YQ2A-0000 Diagnostic Cable

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