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L1E Side Stand Kit & Foot Pedals Kit

L1E Side Stand Kit & Foot Pedals Kit

L1E Side Stand Kit & Foot Pedals Kit

  1. L Foot Pegs Assy. (Part number: 42100-YQ2A-0000)

  2. L Foot Pegs (Part number: 42111-YQ2A-0000)

  3. Foot Pegs Pin (Part number: 42116-YQ2A-0000)

  4. Foot Pegs Bracket (Part number: 42122-YQ2A-0001)

  5. Foot Pegs Spring (Part number: 42115-YQ2A-0000)

  6. Washer (Φ8) (Part number: B4-001-08-F2)

  7. Foot Peg Clip Spring Reed (Inner Dia. Φ6) (Part number: B4-007-06-F1)

  8. L Foot Pegs Bracket (Part number: 42112-YQ2A-0000)

  9. 8.1: Dowel Pin (Part number: B4-008-04-012-F0)

  10. Nut (M10*1.25) (Part number: B2-007-10-F2)

  11. Screw (M8*25) (Part number: B3-001-08-025-F0)

  12. R Foot Pegs Bracket (Part number: 42212-YQ2A-0000)

  13. R Foot Pegs Assy. (Part number: 42200-YQ2A-0000)

  14. R Foot Pegs (Part number: 42211-YQ2A-0000)

  15. Screw (M8*30) (Part number: 41559-YQ2A-0000)

  16. Side Stand (Part number: 41550-YQ2A-0000)

  17. Side Stand Spring Pin B (Part number: 41555-YQ2A-0000)

  18. Nut (M8) (Part number: B2-006-08-F2)

  19. Side Stand Spring (Part number: 41556-YQ2A-0000)

  20. Side Stand Assy. (Part number: 41550-YQ2A-Z1)

  21. Side Stand Assy.+L Foot Peg Mounting Bracket (Part number: 41550-YQ2A-Z2)

  22. Side Stand Spring Pin A (Part number: 41554-YQ2A-0000)

  23. Washer (Φ24*Φ10-0.5) (Part number: FB05-004-10-F0)

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